Date: 10 Aug 2009
Production Introduction: ST-ZJ 104 Foaming agent is a chemical products that combine of many surface reactive materials ;mainly be used for foam flooding on EOR ,foam acidizing ,foam drilling ,profile control and water shutoff ,foaming-lifting drainage & natural gas production in many fields of oilfield.It can formed outstanding foam with air, nitrogen,carbon dioxide,has good foaming capability.It can be combined with hard water high mineralized and Ca2++Mg2 contents ,has outstanding foam stability .It has good compatibility with others chemical additives .
It is a new technology that foam be used in EOR .It has tremendous market potential .The displacement effect and aomformance volume of foam is far away than only water injection and polymer injection .It can advances improve the improvement of oil recovering rate .Foam flooding can improve the improvement of oil recovering rate .Foam flooding can improve the improvement of oil recovering rate > 20% base on the waterflooding recovery .Many oilfield had achieved good effection of water control and oil stabilization with application of foam flooding at home and abroad market .It can improve the oil recovery rate and displacement efficiency .
This products can be used alone and also can be used with polymer and other materials .Complex use can achieve better effect and oil displacement performance .It is a new products and oil production on the oilfield .
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