Heat Exchanger for Hydrogen Unit and High pressure

Date: 23 Mar 2009

The heat exchanger to be used in the condition of high temperature, high pressure and medium with hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide is required to be extremely reliable. The heat exchanger is designed for 8.0 to 18 MPa, 300 to 500 and with the high strength material.


The use of double shell in the heat exchanger


The operation condition of reacted medium, mixed feeding heat exchanger, cold and hot medium seriously crisscrossed needs three single shell heat exchanger to complete heat transfer processing. If double shell heat exchanger is adopted, two units are needed only and the average temperature has been evidently increased. Taking a refinery as an example, the exchanger E601A in a hydrogen unit of one million ton/year adopted three single shell heat exchangers in serial and its temperature drop is 66.7, while two double shell are adopted and its temperature Drop is 78.3, about 17.4% increased. These two exchangers replacing three not only increase metal consumption and also heat exchanging area is reduced by 17.4%.


Flowing channel analysis used for the exchanger


It is complicated to calculate heat transfer in heat exchanger. It has multi factors effected each other. Calculation methods and soft wear are with certain error. We have done 16 year’s tests and adopted flow channel calculation method to design exchanger of advance, reliability and safe that is the key of reducing cost. The use of this technology to do precise design aims increasing utilization of heat exchanger and reducing unnecessary waste.


The use of Ω sealing ring


This kind heat exchanger is easy to burn and explosion. So no leakage is allowed at the operation condition of high temperature and pressure. The sealing is seriously important in the use for the exchanger. The Ω sealing structure features of less metal used, easy disassemble and easy machining. Both features of screw lock ring and flange. An absolute sealing is achieved. It is the ideal sealing structure for such exchanger.

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