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Founded on 8th August 1994 at Shengli Oil Field, Eastar Group has improved from a small-sized paint factory with asset of RMB2.7 million and land of 9.9mu at the very beginning to now large-sized group with asset of RMB2.1 billion and land of over 3,300mu (1mu=666.67sq.m) under the support of leaders at different levels. As a national administrative division high-tech enterprise in chemical and electromechanical industries, the company also deals in green energy, international trade, real estate, building industry and logistic transportation, etc. It has 12 subsidiaries, including Eastar Bioengineering Holding Co., Ltd., Eastar Energy-saving Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Eastar (Group) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Bazhou Eastar Co., Ltd. In 2008, its productive value was RMB 5.12billion and tax RMB 0.77 billion.
  The company took the lead in creating the combination mode of industry, college and institute, explored a road of joint development between colleges and enterprises, established perfect technical development system and brought great innovation to the development of industry and economy and technological progress in the Yellow River Delta. In whole process, Eastar undertook many national development projects and provincial and civic science and technology key projects, among which, one project filled domestic blank and four reached internationally advanced level. The group also actively responded to the Western Development, implementing strategy of "bringing in" and "going out" and constructing methanol and solvent oil items in Bazhou, Sinkiang. The methanol item was the largest industrial item developed by Shandong private enterprises and also the biggest methanol production base in Sinkiang, which rewrote the history that there were no methanol production firms in the southern part of Sinkiang. Now Bazhou Eastar Corporation is implementing “111150 Project”, namely building a thousand mu of industrial area and megaton chemical area. With the implementation of industrial development strategy, Eastar built the second largest neopentyl glycol production base and the second largest production base of hyaluronic acid in China, the second largest propylene oxide industrial base in Shandong province and a methanol-formaldehyde-neopentyl glycol industry chain. It developed and produced more than 300 varieties in 50 series of high-tech products, including neopentyl glycol, hyaluronic acid, power transformers and low voltage switchgears, forming a sales network based on Dongying and spread all over the country, some of which have been well exported. Now, the domestic market share of hyaluronic acid products is 49% and that of neopentyl glycol is 39%.
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No.98 Yongshen Road.,Shengtuo Town,Kenli Country,Dongying City,Shandong,China.[257506]
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